Frontier Biz World has been established in the market since the 15th  March 2004.With the cumulative experience of over 36 years in the pest control industry.It is a sole proprietorship organisation with only one owner that is under the management of Khairul Anwar.Being involved directly in the pest control services after the Legal studies in the University of Wolverhampthon  United Kingdom.and upon leaving the legal world immediately joined the Rentokil Initial Sdn Bhd since back in 1992-1996,and was also in the sales team of the CWS Hygiene(M)Sdn Bhd until the year 2001.The partnership from the year 1998-2004 The Objective. -The objective of the Frontier Biz World is to combat the urban pests with the minimization of the pesticides usage eventually as we believe that the pest in particular actually comes from us that is the two legged ones!We believe that the word PEST has its particular meaning to it, itself.

P– Prevention of pests from coming into the premise that includes a proper garbage disposals and to proof up any opening for the pest to enter the premise concerned.

E-Exclusion is to target the building for the necessary proofing method which may eventually deter the pests from entering the premise.

S-Sanitation of the premise is highly important to curb the uninvited guests.

T-Lastly comes the treatment itself in combating the pest

Frontier Biz World’s motto is“Your Biz Mate” as we are trying to have a professional close coordinations with the customer itself as we believe to have a proper communication shall make both parties very much easier in dealing with pests.

Diversified Business -As part of the expansion vision of Frontier Biz World handles the Inbound and Outbound  Ticketing services for traveling abroad and locally in order to promote local tourism,currently active in the GPS Community to provide the actual coordinates of the local and outbound points of interests.However the Pest Control Services is the main core of business for the Frontier biz World.

Our Mission 

  • To ensure that customers request in the job to be executed with the best of Frontier Biz World
  • Fast & effective treatments.
  • To deal & communicate with clients directly.
  • To solve the pest issues efficiently.
  • We are here to listen and provide the most suitable package that is tailored to your needs.

Our Vision 

  • To have the latest equipments & gadgets in combating the urban pests
  • Branded & quality pesticides which are approved by the local pesticides board and even HACCP based  food safety programme  recognised by HACCP International Certification of Sydney Australia
  • To have a better living environment and pest free world without any pest related diseases

Our Achievements

Civet being trapped in the cage

RattuS RattuS …One Family Got Caught!

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The Civet trap

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Termites invasion..if you do have these symthoms at home or anywhere else. Treat it the soonest possible to avoid further damage.
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