Our drainage system especially behind shoplot building should be kept clean to prevent rodents from harbouraging and to populate in te area.
Especially restaurants operators. Contact me to get your free proposals.

Nice environment for rats, Dark..lots of food source..water..hidden passages and cracks on the drainage wall for hiding out.


Rat Control Frontier Biz World – We provide a rat control and removal service to both domestic and commercial properties in Klang Valley. Our vans are unmarked for a complete discreet service and we can also carry out any treatment on the same day. 

Frontier Biz World – Treatments are extremely common in both domestic and commercial properties. We provide a complete rat control service, from finding the heart of the problem to fully eradicate it. We use a bait which removes and kills the entire rat infestation outside of your property.

This method also prevents your property from getting any smells, maggots infestations and fly infestations caused by dead rats. We also provide a rat prevention service, this involves proofing all visible entry points, this will help prevent any future rat infestations.

Rats are very dangerous pests to have a near any home or business. When rats gain entry into a property they can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to electrical wiring, water pipes and gas pipes. Rats will gnaw through anything necessary to gain entry, once inside they will find a nice warm and dark place to nest, the most common places that rats will nest is under floor boards, inside wall cavities and in loft and attic spaces. We advise all customers to contact us as soon as they suspect that rats are active near their property.

Other Treatments And Services

Frontier Biz World has a wide range of rodent and insect treatments for mice, dog ticks, cat fleas, ants, cockroaches, flies, moths and woodworm.


This  juvenile ‘rattus rattus’ being caught red handed for stealing bits of chicken and slices of frankfurters.

Rat glue application for  massive reduction  of rats popullation of the infested premise.

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