SLAB TREATMENT FOR SUBTERRANEAN TERMITESSLAB-TREATMENT-FOR-SUBTERRANEAN-TERMITES      This image is the injector which is to be inserted into the holes that we drill and termiticides shall be injected ito every holes.

SLAB-TREATMENT-FOR-SUBTERRANEAN-TERMITES-2     The equipment involved. Tbe power hose tbe 100 litre drum and Honda machine

SLAB-TREATMENT-FOR-SUBTERRANEAN-TERMITES3     The diameter of 10 sen coin hole that we drilled

SLAB-TREATMENT-FOR-SUBTERRANEAN-TERMITES4     Drilling of holes in progress     SLAB-TREATMENT-FOR-SUBTERRANEAN-TERMITES5    Holes are being drilled at all floor wall juntions at the distance of between 1 1/2 to 2 ft apart

SLAB-TREATMENT-FOR-SUBTERRANEAN-TERMITES6    Distance approximately away from the wall or beam

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